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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> it's a spring roll that sprang. >> it looks like a sea creature. >> brian, take a bite. >> remember, it's not the paint on the carpet. >> take a bite. you've got five seconds. martha: donald trump defind and fighting back, seeing the allegations of sexual advances are untrue. gregg: trump is telling the crowd all of these claims are fabrications, and he launched into a blistering attack against the media. >> the court rat media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. they are a political special interest no different than any
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lobbyist. their agenda is to elect crooked hillary clinton at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroy. these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction and they are outright lies. martha: on the other side, first lady michelle obama slamming trump in a fiery speech. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this wasn't just locker room banter, this was a powerful individual speaking if freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior and actually bragging about kissing and groping women. using language so obscene many of us are worried about our children hearing it when we turn on the tv.
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gregg: peter, does the "new york times" have any plans to revise their story about trump? reporter: not a cording to the letter the "times" lawyer sent to trump's lawyer. the news paper says they think their hands are clean because their reporters investigated the accusers' claims. they said if trump doesn't like their story, they are ready for a lawsuit. they wrote, if he believes in the american citizens had no right to here what they had to say, and the law of this country forces them to stand silent or be silenced, we have -- we welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight. >> these unsubstantiated
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allegations that came from the "new york times" and "people" magazine. reporter: five women. >> he categorically denied this. there will be more evidence coming out that supports his -- reporter: what evidence is coming out? >> the campaign is working on bringing that information out. reporter: trump told supporters he thinks the clinton machine cities working hands in hands with the media to coordinate these stories. and he thinks the clinton machine cities working with global powers. a "wall street journal" says he's ready to name some of these global powers, and they are said to include carp lows flynn, the mexican billionaire.
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gregg: how is melania trump trying to come to her husband's rescue? reporter: mrs. trump is picking apart a "people" magazine writer who describes interaction where she accuses donald trump of sexual misconduct. her lawyer wrote she did not encounter her on the street or have any conversation with her. the two are not friends. and mrs. trump wouldn't have recognized ms. stoynoff if they encountered each other on the street. gregg: we'll check back with you, peter, thanks. martha: wikileaks just releasing
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a new batch of emails. robbie mook is make an effort to push up the indiana pry international airporty. he says the children tons won't forgets what their friends have done for them. it would probably take some pushing he says. another big leak after an interview with andrea mitchell where she got backlash about the non-apology about the private email server. podesta said everyone wants to her to apologize. but she didn't seem like a expletive in the interview and
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she said the word sorry. gregg: judicial watch releasing written testimony in the form of interests rolling tories she gave about her email investigation. in it she claims she does not recall ordering destruction of emails from her personal server. she used that phrase "i don't recall" 21 times to 21 questions. martha: hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is growing over donald trump in a four-way race. but some analysts say don't count out trump yet as both nominees have their share of obstacle to the overcome and there is one more debate to go. byron york, the chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news
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contributor. i hear from family and friends how ugly they feel this race has become. and the numbers are showing where it is in terms of the data right now. >> the numbers are ugly for donald trump. the 7-point lead a few weeks ago is a real problem for him. in the last fox poll hillary clinton had a 2-point lead. she hasn't changed have much. but trump has sunk 4 points. if you look inside the poll, there is some bad news for him. he's down 1 points among women over 45 years old. 10 points among suburban women. 10 points with women with college degrees. 38%. clinton is 45, he is 38%. in all sorts of polls he has been bouncing around that 8% number. and you cannot win the presidency with 38% of the vote.
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if he doesn't improve that, he's going to lose. martha: he loved the polls during the primary and told everybody just look at the polls. but now he doesn't want anybody to look at the polls with less than a month to go. it goes through who you like bert on foreign policy, healthcare, terrorism, immigration. look at the immigration number. that was one he was always winning on. the economy is one he was strong on. he's losing in he single one of them. >> he used to have a lead in who would best handle the economy. the majority of voters say it's the most important issue. and he had a lead on who would best handle terrorism. now she is ahead in both of those. let me throw out one more number for you. we have been asking all along,
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do you think hillary clinton has the right temperament to be president. do you think donald trump has the right temperament to be president. 64% say they think hillary clinton has the right temperament to be president, and 63% does not have the right temperament to be president. martha: byron, thank you very much. as we have been telling you for the first time ever. a fox news anchor will be moderating a general election presidential debate. this is a very big deal. chris wallace will be asking the questions, our award-winning journalist will be moderating that final matchup. what a show it will be in vegas. finally a fair and balanced debate on fox news, and bill hemmer and i will be out in las vegas, too, all next week covering the story from there.
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i'm really looking forward to hears crisp questions. it's the last opportunity americans will get to see the two of them head-to-head. a lot opinions will be formed for those waffling back and forth. gregg: it's great to have chris wallace moderate the debate. he's imminently fair. it will be good to see the questions he asks and most importantly, how they answer those questions. why a closer look at the poll numbers shows the writing his political obituary may be a little bit premature. martha: a dr. mat i reversal by president obama in syria. will be this moment? >> a red line for us, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical
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weapons moving around or being utilizing. that would change my calculus. hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. mills have been displaced. and today president obama will sit down with his advisers to discuss the military options he has in syria. general jack keane joins us to discuss what will happen now. ♪
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gregg: a deadly terror attack in egypt sinai peninsula. isis terrorists attacked a checkpoint killing four soldiers and wounding 8 others. there have been an increase in terror attacks in sinai notwithstanding the attacks in egypt. martha: trump is spending time in north carolina. the trump campaign vowed they will keep fighting. the avalanche of allegations that have been coming out against him. clinton is killing him with women voters. 51-32. she is ahead of him by 19 points to with women voters.
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it's a different picture when you look at the independent vote. 35-35. she has actually increased her numbers with independent voters. but they are tied in that area. let's bring in the managing editor of sabato's crystal ball. "whyio picks the president." good morning. good to have you today. by some estimates if hillary clinton wins either ohio or north carolina she'll win this race, right? >> yes, i think that's right. i think donald trump needs to keep the mitt romney map together. he has almost all those states except for north carolina where clinton is leading. here in ohio i think it race is pretty tight. the bulk of the polling data shows clinton leading by 3
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points. but no republican has ever won the white house without ohio and i don't think trump can win without ohio. >> let's it up the north carolina and ohio numbers. this is the "wall street journal," nbc marist poll. it shows trump and clinton essentially tied within the margin of error in ohio. you talk about virginia, for example. word is that the trump folks have given up on virginia. he's down double digits in pennsylvania. tell us if you see what a path would be for him to put it back together. >> i think it's the romney map and it includes north carolina, ohio, florida, nevada and one other state. pennsylvania would be a big
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prize for trump. he's down in the high single digits and for whatever improvement he might be making outside of the philadelphia suburbs, it seems like he's doing poorly by republican standards in a lot of the philadelphia suburban counties. that helps tell the tale about virginia, too. in northern virginia and greater philadelphia are similar. northern virginia is a growing area trending democrat i can anyway. >> those are areas, the philadelphia area and virginia where college educated white women have been turned off, it would appear by the news stories of women since the tape. all bad news for him, right? >> he has had trouble with suburban white women throughout this cycle. given the events of the past
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week he's not helping himself with a group where he was weak by republican standard. >> it looks like gary johnson could be a factor. young voters that were very strongly with barack obama she is at 38% with these young voters and gary johnson is getting some of that, right? >> the marist poll shows jill stein getting 3 to 4%. one wrinkle with gary johnson in ohio he won't appear with the libertarian party tag. he will appear as an independent candidate. but i wonder if there are disaffected republicans who will vote for johnson.
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she's going to have to peel off the young voters voting third party. martha: if this comes down to ohio and they ends up throwing this election, it will be a big story considering how people don't like either one of these candidates have much. >> thank you. gregg: iran is sending warships to the red sea in a show of force. is the united states engaged in a proxy war with iran? we'll get a live report. martha: we know how fast that train was going as it came into the hoboken train station and crashed through the booth and into the standing area. what happened just before that crash that has investigators struggling to explain this. dri. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof.
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martha: the obama administration announce it will expands trade relations with cuba. now you can bring home all the
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cigars you want. this is two years after president obama's announcement for a stronger and more open cuba-american relationship. gregg: overseas, growing concerns of the united states-iran proxy war in yemen. iran deploying warships to the gulf aden. houthi rebels fired missiles at an american ship. reporter: the white house is trying to downplay the latest u.s. military actions saying they don't want to speculate what that iranian ship might do when it shows up. take a look at how much fire
6:26 am
power will be in a small area. it's the strait of mandeb that leads to the suez canal. it comes a few hours after u.s. missiles took out radar sites. the missile sights are controlled by the iranian-backed houthi rebels. now the question is what happens when the iranians show up. gregg: the iranians have not been shy about harassing u.s. warships. reporter: as you point out. this is the second major international shipping lane where the u.s. and iranian navies have squared off.
6:27 am
the strait of hormuz and the persian gulf, we reported on the harassment of ships. the big question is what are the rules of engagement when the iranians show up. >> those who might threaten u.s. forces will recognize we'll not allow threats to our people. reporter: the u.s. navy has held its fire against the iranians on a number of occasions when the iranians have been extremely threatening. gregg: the actions in the field seem to belie what the spokesperson just said. wait and see what happens the next time. martha: there is a brand-new bunch of emails that just came out this morning. so we are going through those as we speak.
6:28 am
clinton's evasive answers and testimony are going public. why did she say i can't recall more than 20 times when asked about the email server. gregg: there were only 25 questions. and "i don't recall" 21 times. the tropics hit with another batch of 100-mile-per-hour winds. and this. >> here comes roberts. martha: dodgers calling on their ace to knock off.
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martha: hurricane nicole slamming the island of bermuda.
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take a look. nicole roaring ashore as a category 3 hurricane. the strongest storm to hit bermuda in 13 years. winds of 130 miles per hour. tore down trees, capsized boats. the storm is getting weaker as it heads north and east away from the island. they are saying thank you. see you, nicole. >> november 8 we are all going out to vote. and we are going to have a tremendous victory. i think far great i are than some people are even predicting. because we are tired of corruption and we are tired of incompetence, and that's what you get. nobody wants four more years of obama and with hillary clinton it will even be worse. gregg: donald trump keeping up the attacks on hillary clinton
6:33 am
as election day nears. as we get a look at testimony from hillary clinton in her email scandal and newly leaked emails coming out, both with the potential to damage her campaign. mercedes schlapp is with us. former media spokesperson for george w. bush and fox news contributor. a judge ordered hoik where to answer interests rollin d to anr interrogatories. there are 25 questions. 21 times she says, "i can't recall." it seems like a serious case of chronic am knees yeah, but does it as judicial watch says show
6:34 am
disdain for the law. >> i think it position taken by the lawyers and mrs. clinton is basically to say we have spoke to the congress about this. we have spoken to the f.b.i., we are complying with the rule of law here. we'll give you answers when possible, but try to avoid any specifics that could lead to further litigation or questions. gregg: you read this thing, and i thought of the sergeant schultz defense, i see nothing, i say nothing, i remember nothing. i wonder if it tarnishes a fairly tattered credibility on this. if she can barely remember being secretary of state according to these rocks, i -- according to
6:35 am
these interrogatories *, it doesn't instill confidence. the discussion made public to the american people. when you work in the white house or state department -- i worked in the white house. my emails are part of the federal record dump. when hillary clinton is coming out saying she cannot recall if she related the federal recordkeeping in the state department, she can't recall having that discussion about the private emails. it really -- i will tell you, if hillary clinton were standing as a witness in a courtroom and she says i cannot recall 21 times. and the other point, people would think she is not telling the truth. i think this is part of the obstruction. gregg: the ultimate question is did it occur to you classified
6:36 am
information would be jeopardized and her answer seems to be, i didn't think about it. >> she says there was no classified information. the f.b.i. said there were three that had the letter "c" on it. to be clear, what he said was she didn't lie to the f.b.i. what he said was she had three pieces -- gregg: she didn't tell the truth to congress. >> there is a referral because some congressmen say they think there is a conflict between the f.b.i. -- those congressmen are also attacking the f.b.i. at this point. but i think a lot of this is a continued effort to say mrs. clinton is not trustworthy and not honest. the poll numbers are very clear, has stuck with the american people. to that record i think judicial watch has been after the clintons since the 90s. the clinton response is the kind
6:37 am
of response -- you say sergeant schultz, i like that. these people are bothering me. i'll give them the least i can give them. gregg: robbie mook wrote an email to john podesta. it has been hacked. wikileaks belo produced it. the key point is this is not and i obama ask, but a hillary ask and the clintons won't forget what the clintons have done for them. what she is asking is to move up the illinois primary. pull some strings. this is hillary, it's not just the president. what do you make of that? >> i think it's very clear and we are seeing more of this, the coordination between the dnc and
6:38 am
the clinton campaign early on. they will move forward on what they politically can do to insure that hillary clinton will get the democratic nominee. for bernie sanders supporters, it's clear hillary clinton's campaign was going to do everything to squash bernie sanders from the beginning. >> i think russia trying to influence our election is way out of line. let's deal with it. if you look at it, i don't think it's anything but politics. pure, simple politics trying to take advantage of what connections they have. gregg: this is hillary clinton, you better look out. >> this happens, everybody tries to influence and use leverage where possible in american
6:39 am
politics. gregg: it's an ugly, sad commentary on politics, juan. >> it shows when you start unveiling the clinton foundation, having this contact with the state department on friend of bill clinton's and the fact that bill clinton has a million gallon dollars from qatar and a five-minute meeting. i can see why americans are so disgusted. gregg: not to mention if you are an f.o.b. friend of bill you get preferential treatment in the haiti recovery. >> jim just telling you i don't think this is any different than normal run-of-the-mill i would like a fave here. >> the clintons are the leaders on pushing for this pay-to-play. gregg: there is plenty of dirt on both sides.
6:40 am
mercedes and juan, thank you very much. martha: so the deciding game five between the dodgers and the nationals had all the drama of october baseball. but this was the deciding moment. watch. >> here comes dave roberts. he calls from the bullpen. martha: ed henry says he was there and you could feel the excitement. kershaw entering at the bottom of theth. and after dodgers manager dave roberts said he wasn't available to pitch. watch what happened. >> the los angeles dodgers are heading to chicago. martha: he got it done.
6:41 am
winning 4-3. the dongers go on to face the cubs. gregg: he has a curveball that's unhittable. you think it's coming over the plate and the bottom falls out. it reminds me of sandy kofax. martha: i'll be watching like the rest of america. good stuff, congrat a layings to the dodgers. gregg: republican donors saying they are done with donald trump. they are saying it's time for the rnc to cut all ties with the republican nominee. mike huckabee will be joining us in the next hour. martha: this little boy became
6:42 am
the symbol of the heartbreaking suffering in syria. now after his tragic story and the death of hundreds of thousands of people while the world largely stands by and watches, president obama is considering military action in the civil war. what took so long is one of the big questions. jack keane takes that on next. y perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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martha: president obama today will sit down with his top aides to discuss what are our military options at this point. but as the people of syria wait, the carnage there continues. hundreds of thousands of people have died since the war began there five years ago.
6:46 am
millions more have fled their homes. this heartbreaking photo has symbolized for so many around the world the devastation. this little boy was a survivor. he was pulled from the rubble of an airstrikes. an innocent casualty of this war. general jack keane joins us now. they asked you two years ago i believe what the military options were on the ground. what took so long? >> i think it reality here of his human catastrophe is mounting. they considered military options before. their own national security team recommended arming the syrian moderates back in 2012. and he said no. they came back the next year when the chemical red line was violated and recommended a significant military action against assad's military power.
6:47 am
and as we know the president rejected that. secretary kerry did discuss it with myself and petraeus. it has never been a discussion that the military option will end this war. but it will help our diplomats push the assad regime to a negotiation. so here we are again looking at these potential military options. they are more limited now because of two reasons. one the presence of the russians and the two rise of the radical islamists in power as part of the syrian opposition forces. martha: it goes back to libya and the argument there was an i am sent genocide and that's d an imminent genocide. so the rebels on the ground believe at the time he meant it. but these are the numbers we
6:48 am
have seen. let's put them up on the screen for everybody at home to have sink in. 450,000 people have been killed. tens of thousands of them are children. 6.5 million people have been displaced. we note issues that led to in europe. 4.8 million refugees. and let's just take a look for a moment at this sound bite to reminds everybody what president obama said about this in 2012. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. martha: what do you have think he's planning to do now that the pressure is mounting internationally and here at home? >> probably not much of anything. i know he will consider the military options. and certainly some of them are
6:49 am
still viable. we could do some damage to assad's air power using stands-off cruise missiles outside of syrian air space, no pilot would have to be endangered to do some of that. we could on anti-aircraft systems and anti-tank systems is what they have been demanding and what we have refused to give them, and we could establish some safe zones along the turkish and jordanian borders so people would escape this horrific fire power the syrian and russian air force are impacting on them. those options are still there to a certain degree and i'm sure they will be considered. but i don't have much confidence in this president in the last 100 days taking action which is limited. martha: history has its eyes on this president right now.
6:50 am
he has at least a little bit of a window to repair his legacy on this issue, no? >> you put your finger on the inconsistency of this. the threat in libya was a threat by qaddafi of 10 thousand people would be slaughtered. nato conducted a it in operation to bring down that regime. those numbers you have thrown up there are staggering. they are a human catastrophe to be sure. and the fact that's we are sitting here in the united states with the moral authority and values we have, just ringing our hands saying this is too tough. this is an intractable problem, it's not solvable, makes some no sense whatsoever. gregg: the department of justice says it has a plan top cut down on the use of force by police. what is that plan.
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gregg: investigators look into last moms deadly train derailment in new jersey. they say the rainierly tripled its speed before crashing into the station in hoboken. the train was islanding 8 miles an hour then suddenly sped up. the engineer told investigators the brakes were working normally before that happened. one person was killed and hundreds injured. martha: watch this daredevil diver. it was like something straight out of the movie "jaws."
6:55 am
great white breaking into the diving cage that's supposed to be shark proof. then the diver exits the cage. he was not hurt at all. there he is. crews say he kept calm while the shark thrashed around. that's a big, big guy. gregg: he's lucky he wasn't lunch that day. you know the shark-proof cages. clearly they are not shark proof. martha: i thought they made them better now. gregg: maybe that was richard
6:56 am
dreyfuss. donald trump is not holding back what he has to say about the latest allegations against him. what new evidence does he have that he says, members says we'll release it in hours. martha: seen anything like this? another day. another email dump on hillary clinton. comments of her staff embarrassing her yet again. ♪
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martha: major new bombshells rocking the clinton campaign as wikileaks has now released another big batch of clinton campaign e-mails. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. another 1100 e-mails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta released by wikileaks.
7:00 am
previous e-mails mocking conservative catholics, latinos. now they're taking aim at the former head of the naacp. ed henry is live in washington with more on this. ed, what's the latest on this particular e-mail criticizing ben jealous, again, a very prominent bernie sanders supporter? >> reporter: correct. well, gregg, good to see you. yeah, this is just breaking, so we want to get on top of this. neera tanden, a liberal activist, very well-known, prominent hillary clinton supporter, this is an e-mail she sent to john poe december a that, and it's relatively recent. this is from february of this year in the middle of this contested primary with bernie sanders. you mentioned ben jealous, very prominent african-american supporter of bernie sanders that upset the clinton camp. look at what she was saying in private to john podesta, quote: i know there are a million reasons to seatly want hillary
7:01 am
to win, but ben jealous feeling that he has no power is a particularly good one. so maybe it was just a petty battle with ben jealous, but as you noted, when you add it up, these e-mails going after conservative catholics, latinos and now suggesting that a prominent african-american leader should have no power, these are the kinds of things that could have some resonance in the final days. gregg: yeah, there's a certain vindictiveness in many of them, calling bill de blasio a terrorist because he wasn't particularly forthcoming. but some of those are adding evidence to bernie sanders' concern that, you know, the primaries worryinged against him him. >> reporter: hillary clinton's aides said that the primary progress was not rigged, that they were fighting it out fair and square, and yet there's this e-mail from late last year that
7:02 am
shows robby mook, clinton's campaign manager, talking to podesta about how they need to move up the date of the illinois primary, that somehow that will help hillary clinton. and look at what they say in private here, that if they move it back to april or may, a bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move it to april and 20% if they move it to may from march as if these are delegates that the clinton camp has already gotten and can start divvying out to party officials in illinois. and be there's a second one saying about the illinois officials, quote: they don't care about being helpful and feel forgotten and neglected by obama. the key point is this is a hillary ask. and the clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them. that last line very, very interesting. you sort of peel back all of this, and in private they're saying that the clintons won't forget who their friends are. very interesting, indeed. gregg: you know, the whole quid pro quo and pay for lay and all of the allegations that have been leveled against hillary
7:03 am
clinton. all right, ed henry, thanks very much. >> reporter: have a good weekend. good to see you. martha: donald trump giving a furious speech at a rally in florida, fighting back against his latest accusers as well as the media and what he calls the clinton machine. trump bashing the new allegations of sexual misconduct. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. and the clintons know it, and they know it very well. these events never, ever happened, and the people that said them meekly fully understand. martha: wow. what a situation, right? chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor -- [laughter] chris, you know, you look across the board last night in watching all of these interviews on both sides, and, you know, you can't help but realize that sort of either way no matter who wins,
7:04 am
you're going to have someone who has been accused of harassment living in the white house, right? whether it's bill clinton for another round or whether it's donald trump. he says these accusations are false. how do you think he's doing managing this situation? >> well, bill clinton says the allegations are false too. martha: yep. >> that's what they both say. whether or not the sexual harassment or sexual assault allegations are material in a presidency would, i guess, depend on conduct. but, you know, right now donald trump doesn't seem to want to be winning the presidency. he seems to be wanting to rally his same core group of supporters over and over again, conspiracy theories, global bankers and elites bleeding america dry, the media, everybody's against him and his supporters, and he's sort of summoning people into riding out this storm with him which is one thing if it's august. it's one thing if it's may when
7:05 am
he had the previous moments like this. but this more intense version is happening 25 days away from the election. and as we see in our poll and as we see in polling across the board, he's hemorrhaging support with the very voters who we would expect to be most turned off by the allegations against him and perhaps by his responses. martha: yeah. women, obviously, and independents. and those are the two hinges, two areas -- two things, two areas, i should say, that he really, really needs. you have to wonder what's going on inside th or is that he isn't paying attention to the fact that what he needs to do is reach outside of that base and convince people, you know, if he believes these accusations are false and then move on. it's very fascinating to watch, but, you know, it's one that you can just imagine there's going to be so much looking in the rearview mirror at how they were orchestrating this and wondering why. >> and why. [laughter] what -- and i don't want to be too much of a debbie downer on a
7:06 am
friday, but look at it this way: the current trajectory of the race is that donald trump is trying his hardest to cleave the republican party against itself as he is going down. that's happening thousand. meantime, we find out more and more about the cynicism of the clinton campaign and the fact that she hasn't really stood for anything other than not being donald trump. how does this person govern if she does, in fact, get elected, and what does she bring to the white house? martha: donald trump claims they're throwing all of this sort of at the proverbial fan so nobody's noticing what's going on on the other side, but when you think about the content of these e-mails and how derogatory and cynical they are, you think about the fact that the fbi and people in its ranks were involved in the investigation of her who say they are outraged that there was not an indictment, that there were not charges brought against her. and so there's just so much sort of smoke and haze and stuff being thrown at the screen that
7:07 am
it's just remarkable to imagine what it would be like if donald trump had, you know, none of these issues. >> well, if he had none of the current issues, yes. but the cast of this race has been set from the beginning. two unpopular candidates who are sort of locked in this race to the bottom. and no significant issues are being contested in this election. there is no referendum on what you do about the major issues that are facing the country -- martha: yep. >> instead it is who is more deplorable. martha: yep. health care, isis, the syria fight, i mean, these are the issues we should be talking about, but we're not. so we try to. chris, thank you very much. good to see you, friend. >> yea. [laughter] martha: see you in vegas. [laughter] gregg: well said, in a word. the fbi now creating a nationwide database to learn about how civilians interact with police officers. a new law already requires a report when somebody dies during an interaction with police, but now the department of justice
7:08 am
wants to know more about officers' use of force. rich edson is live from washington with the latest and, rich, so why is the fbi taking this fairly aggressive step now? >> reporter: what with civilians dying after contact with police officers, prompting protests and riots in cities like ferguson, baltimore and milwaukee, the federal government has unreliable, incomplete information on how many americans die interacting with police or in police custody. fbi director james comey recently called that lack of data embarrassing and ridiculous. so attorney general loretta lynch, with the power of a new law, says the federal government will collect and publish that information. >> when it comes to nonlethal use of force, the things that can really have just as corrosive an effect, there's no statute requiring the collection of that data. so we've spent a lot of time through the fbi working with local law enforcement and tribal law enforcement i would say to
7:09 am
come up with national, consistent standards. >> reporter: until now states individually had drafted similar initiatives, gregg. gregg: is this mandatory and widespread? do all police departments have to comply? >> reporter: well, the federal government has limited authority in local policing except when it comes to funding. this law allows the administration to withhold federal funds or fine a department if it refuses to report when somebody dies interacting with police. however, this new law only gives the administration the authority to require police departments to report these incidents if a civilian dies. so the department of justice is creating a voluntary database where it's requesting local departments share information on any use of force. participation is up to each department. nothing in the law requires they do so. gregg: rich edson live in washington, thanks. martha: so long lines popping up at airports across the country, but this time it is not the tsa
7:10 am
that is behind the backup. why were passengers stranded more hours and be hours? -- for hours and hours? gregg: plus, major donors to the gop now want to ditch donald trump. the elite group calling on the rnc to sever its ties with the party's presidential nominee. we'll get some insight from former arkansas governor mike huckabee who's coming up next. there he is. and is the media intentionally ignoring the problems plaguing hillary clinton? one of her husband's former accusers is questioning the coverage. >> everybody in the mainstream press is calling all of bill clinton's crimes infidelities. they are crimes and they are misdemeanors. his wife is covering for him.
7:11 am
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and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. gregg: susan rice, national security adviser, announcing that we are opening, the united states is lifting a great many of the trade and commerce restrictions with cuba. in particular we understand, or at least the associated press is report toking, the lifting of the limits on tobacco in particular, cigars and rum. but we'll have further details as susan rice provides them. ♪ ♪ martha: so some of the big mundo nors to the gop are calling on
7:15 am
the republican national committee to cut ties with donald trump. the request comes in the wake of recent controversies including the sexual harassment claims that you have seen over the past several days. one donor telling "the new york times", quote: at some point you have to look in the mirror and recognize you cannot possibly justify support for trump to your children, especially your daughters. let's bring in former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he's a fox news contributor and a donald trump supporter. governor, welcome. good morning to you. good to have you here. >> good morning. thank you. martha: what do you say to those members of the rnc who say, look, enough is enough? >> well, be they're rnc members, the fact is we have a nominee. he was duly nominated by the voters, and you stick with him. donors, it's their money, they can do what they want to. i wish they would support our nominee because not doing it means they are, in essence, supporting hillary clinton, and that's dangerous for the country. and it's far more dangerous, what she will do, than something that donald trump said not when
7:16 am
he was a presidential candidate, but when he was a celebrity and when he was, you know, doing television. and i just find, you know, the rnc and elected officials, we're -- i think all under a different standards. and they've got an obligation to support the nominee. martha: what did you think of paul ryan sidestepping him? >> i don't understand what paul thought that was going to do. it's divisive and it was unnecessary. if paul doesn't want to say anything, that's fine, but i don't understand why he felt like he had to come out. clearly, the the blowback he got from his own members was astonishing, and they were upset with him. i don't think donald trump should have reacted to it. he should have blown it off, ask that didn't help anything. -- and that didn't help anything. one thing i've always admired about democrats, nothing about their policies, but i do admire the fact that no matter what their people do, they rally around them. they stand behind them. they understand that as a team they win or they lose. republicans, you know, we form a circle and have a firing squad. martha: yeah.
7:17 am
so much for reagan's, you know, no shooting within the tent. that lesson seems to have fallen on deaf ears. >> yeah. martha: this time around, to be sure. let's play a sound bite from donald trump that goes to what he has been complaining about in the past couple of days. >> the e-mails show the reporters collaborate and conspire directly with the clinton campaign on helping her win the election all over. with their control over our government at stake, with trillions of dollars on the line, the clinton machine is determined to achieve the destruction of our campaign. not gonna happen. martha: what do you think about the way he's been speaking at these rallies lately? do you think it's constructive more his campaign? -- for his campaign? >> well, let me be very honest, martha. i'm not objective, and i don't play one on television -- martha: duly noted. [laughter] >> but i think that he's on to something in the fact that the
7:18 am
media is in a absolute frenzy to do everything they can to destroy the man. i mean, they sat on this stuff for years, and they waited until just before the election to try to release it, and then they play it nonstop. and voices far more objective than mine -- media critics and others very have recognized journalism in this country is dead as we know it. there is no such thing. it's all advocacy. i wish what donald trump would do, let surrogates fight the press -- martha: why doesn't he do that? >> i don't know. i mean, if he calls me today, that's what i'm going to tell him. leave this stuff alone. you go out there and night the people's battles -- fight the people's battles. they're sick of open borders, and they know with hillary that abortion is going to be more prolific than ever, they know that with hillary taxes go up, they know that our national security interests go down, that israel can't depend -- i mean, we could go through a litany. focus on those things and remind
7:19 am
people that this election is not about something donald trump said 11 years ago, this is about the future of the country. martha: a lot of people listen to what you say, and they're probably cheering you on. but many would say what we're seeing is a candidate who's very undisciplined, who allows himself to go down these sort of rabbit holes that don't get him anywhere, and they wonder if he were in the white house, would we have the same problem? does that concern you? >> well, you know, here's i think what's happening. this is the paris time he's -- first time he's ever run for anything. he's never held office, and as somebody who started doing this 26, 27 years ago, i was a lot more sensitive about what people were saying about me then than now, i don't really give a rip -- martha: but he's had stuff thrown at him for years and years -- >> but not like this. martha: he knows how to talk to the press. he's hardly a neophyte where that's concerned. >> no, but it's different when the press kind of halfway like you and they're with you as they were when he was a celebrity.
7:20 am
now that he's the nominee of the republican party, they hate his guts. this is not a mild sort of, gee, we don't really like him as we may have seen with other republicans. they absolutely loathe -- martha: no, it's venomous, that's true. >> they can't stand him. martha: governor huckabee, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. gregg: a fox news alert, u.s. warships launching missiles against a group of rebels trying to take control of yemen. why this confrontation is raising deep concerns about a larger regional conflict. martha: and you've heard don't mess with texas. how about don't mess with this guy. [laughter] he captured this 13-foot alligator. put me back in the water. >> there's no question, this is the highlight of my career. this is a really big alligator. we can educate and show people what they're like, and this is a
7:21 am
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martha: a computer glitch causing massive delays for united airlines passengers, the problem stranding travelers overnight and creating long lines at airports. ticket agents in los angeles giving customers paper tickets
7:25 am
and checking them in manually. united officials saying the issue was related to the airline's weight reporting system -- that's scary. the company resolved the problem about three a.m. this morning. and on they went. gregg: tired people. a u.s. navy warship launching missiles in yemen against rebels trying to take control of that country, and those rebels are backed by iran, and now some are concerned the united states is locked in what is, essentially, a proxy war with tehran. let's bring in gillian turner, former member of the white house national security council staff under president george w. bush and president obama and a fox news contributor. thanks for being with us. is this the first time the united stateses has actually taken overt military action in the form of a strike in this particular conflict? >>s it is. and that's why this particular strike is such a big deal. up until now publicly the united
7:26 am
states' position has been to stay out of this conflict militarily and to, behind the scenes, push for some kind of a peace deal between the two sides -- gregg: right. >> and really what's been happening there is john kerry has been relying on the argument when advocating for that that the united states is the perfect power broker here. we can do the best job of all the nations that are possibilities because we're a neutral entity, and we're not involved militarily. gregg: but if talk fails, as it sometimes does, could this no longer be a proxy war, but escalate to a point where the united states and iran militarily get involved against one another? >> that's a possibility, and also the reality here which is that the entire time since this conflict really resulted two years ash -- erupted two years ago or since saudi arabia entered this conflict a year and a half ago, the united states has been providing military support and intelligence support to the saudi bombing campaign when they're targeting these houthi rebels.
7:27 am
that's a very ill-kept secret here many washington. so i think i that a little bit of what's happening now is really a public realization of what the united states' role is looking like in this country. gregg: right. i want to read a statement from the pentagon spokesperson, peter cook. these limited self-defense strikes were conducted to protect our personnel, our ships and our freedom of navigation in this important maritime passageway. it's not only an important, vital passageway, but in fact, you know, the country of yemen is really a hub for terrorists, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. it's become a real transit hub for terrorist organizations crossing from the middle east into africa and back again. when i say "transit," i mean everything from people to weapons to money to drugs. you name it. and then the other thing here is that, you know, this -- yemen is very important for u.s. national security interests. everything from managing our relationship with iran to
7:28 am
promoting peace in the broader middle east to combating terrorism, right? yemen is home to al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula -- gregg: right. >> -- one of their most dangerous offshoots right now that are carried out many, many high profile attackses. gregg: finally, let's put up the map again because i want to point out the location of this. so there you see the region we're talking about. there's that narrow path of water. it's actually a lot larger than the map looks, but nevertheless, you've got all kinds of warships from different nations involved in this conflict all jammed in that area, and it leads to a vital canal that could affect world commerce, right? >> yep, that's absolutely right. and so while sort of in international consciousness this yemen civil war has been sort of simmering for a couple of years now, it appears to have escalated very quickly this week with a series of strikes that the houthi rebels inside yemen carried out against the united states' uss mason.
7:29 am
we've now retaliated. iran's brought in a battleship. so all of this activity very quickly converging in this very small waterway creating a huge escalation of tensions. that's what has everybody on edge. gregg: and it's not just commerce but, you know, interests of national security for america, right? >> yep. vital interest of national security. there's also a very grave humanitarian component here. everybody's focused on aleppo these days or at least those of us who have heard of aleppo are focused on it. but here what's happening is that yemeni citizens are dying weekly at the hands of the saudis in their air raids. we've got doctors without borders have come under attack several times. they've actually withdrawn from certain parts of the country -- gregg: yeah. and they've done great work. >> yeah, they are. we have to give them a shout out. and famine is a very real possibility. gregg: thank you for your insights. martha: very important topic. these things need a lot of focus. so here hillary clinton
7:30 am
letting loose. watch this. >> knew that i could whoo, i knew that, but i didn't know i could do the little shimmy to go along with it. afterwards i saw it and now people are always saying do the shimmy, you know? [laughter] martha: the former secretary of state making an appearance on the ellen show. is she getting more positive press than donald trump? fair and balanced coming up next. gregg: and are you offended by halloween costumes? have no fear, the hotline is here. ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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7:34 am
by describing his demeanor in the last presidential debate, but is she getting a pass from the media regarding coverage of her own controversies? >> he was, he was really all wrought up and, you know, you could just sense how much anger he had. and so he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. and i would just feel this presence behind me -- [laughter] and, you know, i thought, whoa, this is really weird. [laughter] >> yeah. >> and so i was just trying to stay focused. gregg: tony sague is a republican strategist, fox news contributor, bernard whitman is a former clinton pollster, author of "52 reasons to vote for hillary clinton." you might want to subtract a few digits after the latest hacked e-mails. all right, what about that, tony? is the media guilty of burying
7:35 am
hillary clinton's sins, if you will, related to all these hacked e-mails that are somewhat embarrassing, not to mention her real e-mail controversy with this saturated coverage of donald trump's groping remarks and the women who have come forward? >> you know, greg, there's been nobody i know who has defended the remarks donald trump made on that audiotape done 31 years ago -- 11 years ago while he was a media celebrity as a private citizen. those were done in a very different context than these sins, as you put it, of hillary clinton. which we learn every day in these thousands of pages of e-mails that come out. she did, as secretary of state having sworn to the constitution of the united states, and as an active candidate for president. gregg: what sins really? >> well, if you look at today, abc just found out using the freedom of information law that the clinton state department actually only had meetings during the haitian earthquake crisis with firms and contractors that had given money to the clinton foundation.
7:36 am
gregg: yeah. i i mentioned it -- >> there was a special -- [inaudible conversations] gregg: i mentioned it in the last hour. >> $10 billion of contracts given from the state department to -- gregg: all right. >> that's a serious controversy. gregg: is, you know, the noise over the audiotape again, you know, it was 11 years ago, really drowning out any legitimate discussion about hillary clinton's e-mails? >> gregg, let's get real. this was not done 11 years ago. the reason why this story's in the news today is because donald trump brings it up over and over again on the campaign trail. gregg: well, he's defending himself. >> here's what happened. he got up on the debate stage, and woman after woman -- gregg: unless they're lying. wait a minute. you don't know if he's telling the truth or if they're telling the truth. >> this is a meltdown of his own making, and he has press conferences in florida where he brags about trying to intimidate -- gregg: tony, if he doesn't, if
7:37 am
he doesn't produce -- >> keep on trying to excuse. gregg: if he doesn't produce the proof he says he has that these are all lies -- >> there's no proof. the proof is in the -- gregg: well, you don't know that. what does that do to him. >> >> he says he has it, that's what we're going to have to see. when you have paula jones who was paid $850,000 by -- >> bill clinton is not running for president. >> excuse me. he brought it up as a comparable, which it certainly is. juanita broaddrick actually had a sworn deposition, affidavit, rather -- [inaudible conversations] these are substantial legal confirmation of these claims. >> he's not on the ballot. he's not on the ballot finish. >> if you could stop shouting and let me -- gregg: guys, don't talk each other. >> the one thing that came out on wikileaks, which i understand you're upset about -- >> i'm not. >> we understand in working as a wholesale subsidiary of the hillary clinton -- gregg: well, i don't know that's true.
7:38 am
>> hold on -- [inaudible conversations] gregg: one at a time. bernard? >> between julian assange who was a notorious traitor to this country, he should be locked up for treason, and vladimir putin who's a disgusting dictator -- >> completely unsubstantiated. >> the united states has basically proved that these hacks -- gregg: met me play a quick clip here. this is bill clinton's accusers on hannity. take a listen. >> has the mainstream media been receptive to asking you three about your stories? >> oh, definitely not. >> nobody? >> no. >> nobody's asked. >> no. >> nobody has asked? "the new york times" never called you? >> not until we went into the trump spin room. gregg: what about that, bernard? >> you kidding me? i think all of us lived through the '90s. these allegations were aired, debated, discuss add nauseam in the '90s. he is not running for president. all of these have been litigated and discussed -- gregg: real quick, tony.
7:39 am
>> women after women after women coming forward to corroborate what donald trump said -- >> and why was the audio released the friday before the sunday by a media organization that had it for months? it was to deliberately alter the outcome -- gregg: all right. we've got some breaking news i've got to get to. bernard, tony, thank you very much. martha. martha: yep, we sure do. brand new wikileaks information here, some developments in the latest e-mail drop from this morning. ed henry has been dugging through these e-mails so, tell us, what have you found? >> reporter: well, martha, it's an e-mail that might drop president obama deeper into this controversy than he has been before. remember, the president has previously said that he was uni uni -- unaware that hillary clinton had a private server and that they e-mailed one another infrequently. but this e-mail flagged by jennifer williams, one of our top producers saying that in march 4, 2015, quote: this is
7:40 am
john podesta to cheryl mills, quote: think we should hold e-mails to and from potus, as in president of the united states. that's the heart of his executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. that appears to be republicans. they may not care, but i -- it seems, he meant -- like they will. why is this important? well, number one, president obama has downplayed any e-mails he had back and forth with hillary clinton. but number two, john podesta writing this to cheryl mills, a top clinton adviser, on march 4 of 2015. what happened on march 3rd, for example, trey gowdy sent in a subpoena demanding that hillary clinton preserve all her e-mails. then on march 4th the timeline is john podesta, we now learn in the last few moments, sent this e-mail to cheryl mill, what do we do with the e-mails back and forth between hillary clinton and president obama? yesterday we had e-mails saying on march 20th there were a series of meetings with aides saying what are we going to do? let's tell the public we've
7:41 am
turned over all of the work-related e-mails which hillary clinton has maintained she did. and then further on the timeline, the fbi investigation we learned that later in march after those meetings on march 20th, later in march thousands of e-mails were deleted by that i.t. firm in colorado that was overseeing the server. a few months later hillary clinton, of course, at that news conference says i don't know anything about wiping a server, says she's got ignorance to that. but i i want to go back to that timeline. remember, march 3rd trey gowdy says he's got a subpoena, and he wants her to preserve all these e-mails. march 4th we learn john podesta is saying what do we do with the e-mails between hillary clinton and president obama. i mentioned all those meetings, what was happening on march 20, 2015? we went back and looked at the news reports. trey gowdy was demanding that hillary clinton's server be turned over. and one last e-mail we got yesterday to put all this together, john podesta on that
7:42 am
same march 20, 2015, as trey gowdy was demanding the server, sent an e-mail to the white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough, we have that as well, do you have time for a call? can you speak by phone? why was john podesta reaching out to the white house chief of staff on march 20, 2015? well, we got another e-mail saying a couple weeks before that, march 4, 2015, he and cheryl mills were concerned about the e-mails between hillary clinton and the president. all of this onion is being peeled. very interesting, martha. martha: yeah. it's sort of incomprehensible there wasn't any e-mail between hillary clinton and the president that has turned up in any of these releases of e-mails, and everybody has always had that question, was he communicating with her? was there classified information that flowed between the two of them -- >> reporter: right. and he's publicly downplayed all of that. i had no idea that she had a private server which may be true, but now it looks like john podesta at least, the clinton campaign chairman, was concerned about those e-mails.
7:43 am
and i should add one quick note which is that he did accurately say maybe they'd be covered by executive privilege because this would be between the president and the secretary of state. martha: and this was saying do you think we should hold the e-mails to and from potus. >> reporter: right. should we hold the e-mails while they were publicly saying they've all been turned over. martha: right. >> reporter: they're saying, do we hold them. interesting. martha: lots more to come on this. ed, thank you very much. gregg: donald trump is ready to take on the world, and the way things are going, he may be doing it all by his lonesome. why our next guest says that's just the way he wants it. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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7:46 am
(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. martha: so as we just reported, there are new questions that are arising this morning from the e-mails that have been exposed by wikileaks. john podesta writing to cheryl mills, the attorney and close
7:47 am
associate of hillary clinton, this: think we should hold e-mails to and from potus, that's the heart of his executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care, but it seems like they will. dan henninger, deputy editorial page editor for the wall street journal, and this we need to say, dan, as we said earlier, is all in the context of the subpoena that came from congress. >> yeah. martha: it was all sort of coming down at this moment, that they wanted that server and wanted to see everything on it. what do you think? >> well, that's right. you know, martha, i have always thought that this e-mail server, the e-mail scandal was hillary's most vulnerable issue in this campaign. if you look back to this period, remember when it was breaking, the stories were coming out, and she finally held a news conference on it. and it was a terrible performance on her part. people both across the political spectrum said she did a very poor job of explaining what was going on here. and if you look at the polls
7:48 am
back then or, her numbers went straight down after that press conference, and they have stayed down on trustworthy and credible. it's never gone back up. now if this story is emerging that barack obama may have somehow been involved in trying to talk to her about these e-mails, i think that's something that trump should definitely raise. and here's irony, martha. remember back in 2008, barack obama and the progressives defeated the clinton machine. the progressives never liked bill and hillary clinton, they didn't like their control of the democratic party. fast forward to now and the democrats and the clintons are now enveloping even barack obama in this scandal. he's got to be very unhappy that this story is coming out. martha: yeah. you look at the time frame, there was a so-called vulnerability meeting that they talk about among hillary clinton's staffers. so, i mean, you know, you can read into that. perhaps they were trying to figure out how vulnerable she was on this issue. but, you know, time and time
7:49 am
again through all of this, dan, the question that has congresswoman up is -- that has come up this is the success air of state and the president of the united states, how could they not have communicated on e-mail? there is not one e-mail that's surfaced in any of this, and that's a bit of a head scratcher. now we're hearing from john podesta, the chairman of her campaign, in an e-mail to cheryl mills -- who the fbi gave immunity to, essentially, in this whole thing which is another big question -- you know, does the fbi know whether or not there were e-mails between hillary clinton and president obama? that's another question. >> they're all good questions, and perhaps -- i mean, this is the sort of thing, you know, we talk about october surprises. we're getting an october surprise virtually every other day now. and perhaps in these wikileaks dumps over the next several days, couple weeks, you will see an e-mail between hillary clinton and the president of the united states. and i think obama will be -- the obama operation is much more careful and circumspect than what we have seen going on with the clintons.
7:50 am
hillary clinton running her e-mail server like an open faucet for four years? that would never happen inside the white house. martha: it's shocking what they discussed about people and different groups, i mean, it really is. you wrote a great piece yesterday in "the wall street journal" called trump's party of one, and it raises an interesting point about -- i mean, he's out there on his own sort of at the front of the ship waving his flag, and some say the ship's going down, but it remains to be seen. >> well, i think donald trump is right where he wants to be now, all alone, the center of attention. let's face it, this is donald trump superstar. and i am not saying any of this to denigrate trump's candidacy. i think i'm describing the reality. donald trump was always a mega-celebrity, and celebrities exist in another atmosphere than the rest of us. i never thought it was in the cards that donald trump, superstar, was going to be able to integrate his interests with the pedestrian political interests of, say, kelly ayotte in new hampshire or senator richard burr in north carolina.
7:51 am
they were always going to be on separate tracks. now they've broken, and i think both sides are exactly where they always wanted to be. it's going to be tough, but i think trump is now going to run the campaign he always wanted to run, and he will sink or swim with that. martha: dan henninger, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
gregg: with halloween just a few weeks away, the university of florida is issuing a warning about offensive costumes. this is a college, mind you, telling students to be careful of outfits that reinforce racial, cultural or religious stereotypes. university leaders even setting up a 24/7 hotline where those who are offended or troubled by a halloween costume can, you
7:55 am
know, talk with a counselor. carly shimkus joins us, fox news headlines 24/7 report. she joins us now. really? we need counseling because of a costume? >> halloween is supposed to be a time to dress up and have fun. but the university of florida is really taking costumes quite seriously. they wrote a blog post warning students or urging students to really think about their costumes because some could promote negative stereotypes. and like you said, they're also providing around-the-clock services for students -- gregg: yeah, but there's elvis. you can't be offended by elvis, right? wonder woman? >> that's a great costume. gregg: i love that. i'm going to wear that. put the blog up there, because it is a valid point that if people are are engaging in negative stereotypes, race, gender, culture or religions, i mean, that's a problem. >>, and you know, if you think that the universities are being too sensitive, it's not entirely their fault because so many
7:56 am
colleges in recent years have gone viral because students have hosted parties where there have been costumes that have been deemed racist, and maybe university of florida is trying to or the of protect himselfs before that happens. gregg: all right. we've only got 30 seconds left. what's microaggression? >> it's kind of an unintentional snub that sort of marginalizes someone. gregg: that happens every day to me. >> unintentionally? gregg: intentional and unintentional. [laughter] >> well, so this sort of potentially racist costume would fall under the guidelines of a microaggression which colleges are definitely putting a huge emphasis on. gregg: all right. carly shimkus, she's all over this story including the killer clown scare and fear -- >> can't dress up like a clown this year either. it's out. gregg: my daughter's been telling me about that. carly, thanks very much. >> thank you. martha: you show up at my door in a clown suit, i'm not going to give you candy. it's too creepy. donald trump and hillary clinton throwing everything
7:57 am
they've got at each other, speaking of halloween. we'll take a quick break and be right back. ♪
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martha: we have the best news ever. our audio operator yanny and wife carrie welcomed baby leo. congratulations: bill: that's great. way to go. martha: i love his name. we have to go. congratulations to the happy family. see you tomorrow. or sunday actually. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: well the gloves are off in the race for the white house as donald trump takes defiance stance of sexual misconduct and hillary clinton weathers nearly daily revelations from the weekly los angeles document. you're ready for the weekend? [laughter] heather: i'm sure. hello to all of you, i'm in for jenna lee today. hillary clinton is leaning on


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